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Hi guys, A new week is upon us and I'm also very eager to go and do some beautiful pictures today ! I cannot wait to show you my ideas :). Also, I def need to do my bags as well lol. Anyway, getting back to the look I have for today ... this one really was def one of my faves; everything went so well together and if you want to add some extra awesomeness, you can wear a cool cap with it.

What I wore: - Zaful red sweater - Zaful flower print skirt - Kendall + Kylie over the knee boots - JollyChic bag - W.E. jacket coat ( find a similar one here
Now, how do you like this look? I find it quite awesome ... feminine and chic :)

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Just imagine...

Hello sweeties, A new day is upon us and the weekend is almost done, leaving room for the new week to come. I just cannot assume the fact that I'm leaving in a couple of days! I'll be, of course, blogging from the other side so you guys don't miss out on awesome OOTDs ( hopefully). It's kinda strange to be leaving on Christmas again...

What I wore: - Zaful belted coat  - Zaful yellow sweater - Guess jeans - Jeffrey Campbell heels - Zaful camera shaped purse

Really hope you like the look, sweeties ! :)
I'll be back tomorrow with more ! 
Kisses, R.

Rockstar 21

Hi sweeties, I'm so tired and now I also have a muscle soreness from yesterday's coaching at Martin's Spa.It was indeed, an awesome place and I wish I could live there to take care of myself 24/7. It's so important to do sport and I'm missing the gym... it's been so so long since I didn't go. Sadly, a day has only 24h and you still have to sleep, eat etc... Anyway, I have a really interesting look for you today, it's something in between minimalistic and party theme. I'm totally in love with Sacha Shoesbijouxcollection, Luz. As I wanted to do something different, I wore my chocker necklace in another way :). Oh, and of course, I'm also wearing those fab boots you helped me pick last week ! I think they could work so cool with the whole look, especially with that warm grey sweater I love so much. Who doesn't like a cozy sweater?

What I wore: - Aran Sweater Market wool grey sweater - Zaful skirt - Sacha Shoes booties - Whiting& Davis purse - L…

Make it stop

Hi guys, Sorry for being so MIA on the blog..sadly the weather here is just sooo awful, that I cannot find a non-rain moment to shoot my outfit. :( Even yesterday was difficult to do some pics - I took shelter underneath a building and even there the wind was blowing so hard and my old camera isn't working so good anymore.. I guess it's time to buy a new one !  Anyway, here you have today's look... Something quite minimalistic and fashionable ! 

What I wore: - Mel Ivy long coat in straight cut ( available at Lesara )  - Louis Vuitton handbag  - Mango pants - Zaful sweater - Steven booties

Hope you like the look, sweeties!  I'll be back with more soon I hope ....

Kisses, R.

At the fair

Hi guys, How are you ? How was your weekend? Sorry to leave you standing for a few days, but I was super busy with my city trip at Tilburg and the visit at the Textiel Museum ! They're having the jazz era on display until the end of May, so if you ever want to visit, I def recommend it.  Furthermore, the fair was in town so everything is so "Christmasy", unlike Brussels where the spirit of holidays is kinda dead. It's not easy doing pictures right now...this week I saw it's going to be so rainy and snowy...brr.. (hence all the food pics on Instagram 😅). I have so many cute outfits in my head, but don't know how do shoot them !  Luckily, I did a couple of pics in Tilburg since you've been asking what I was wearing, I thought turning it into an outfit post.

What I wore: - Guess by Marciano faux fur - Mel Ivy jumper ( available at Lesara) - Zara leggings and shoes - Zimmermannclutch
The jumper is so cute and I really like the lace detail..  Anyway, hope you…

Cheer up !

Hello boys & gals, Friday is here and I cannot wait for tomorrow ! I'm going with my cousin to Tilburg; the Textile Museum is having a 1920s Jazz Age fashionable opening on the 10th and I was lucky enough to be a part of the celebration. Lovely, isn't it ? Just watch my stories during the weekend to know more :) Anyway, the weather is still shitty here, but we have to "work" with what we have, so even though the pics will be grey and dark this time, I tried "cheering" them up with some colorful pieces.

What I wore: - RoseGal two piece sport suit - Lightinthebox coat - Asos clutch 

So, what do you think? Sorry, the pics are a bit dark and blurry but so was the weather 😅 Hope you like my combo and actually this weekend I don't think I'll be posting something because I'll be away, but make sure to follow me on Instagram for more insight.
Wishing you a perfect weekend and "see" you soon ! 
Kisses, R.